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Antique furniture conservation/restoration resources, listed below are some topics you may find interesting;

Case study; An investigation into the possible practical benefits of using Cyclododecane as a fugitive barrier or exclusion coat; allowing temporary isolation of an historic surface to allow consolidation or other intervention to take place in surrounding material.


The consolidation of degraded or insect damaged timber using acrylic or butyl resins dissolved in solvent vehicle solutions is a relatively new technique. The visual chromatic alteration of a saturated (waxed polished or varnished) historic surface adjoining the areas to this consolidated is much less of a problem than the visual alterations caused to the dry untreated areas of timber that become saturated by these resins.

This problem is well known among furniture conservators, the unfavourable and ultimately detrimental saturation of these dry untreated bare timber surfaces and other usually decorative and historically important dry or friable surfaces when using these resins and other agents for consolidation or cleaning purposes. At present conservators are accepting a certain level of surface saturation and subsequent visual chromatic alteration will take place when a dry surface is consolidated. This acceptance limits the options available to the conservator as the saturation of visible surface is a significant factor in the decision making process.

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Historical resources;

The Eighteenth century

The Regency period

The Victorian period.

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