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Antique Metal Conservation/Restoration

Our Fine metal conservator

Projects undertaken range from jewellery and small objects to sculptural and architectural ironwork. These may include: repair, gilding, cleaning, and/or applying patination and protective coatings on antique decorative arts objects including sculpture, candlesticks, lamps, silverware and furniture components; making parts to replace those missing from objects, for example: knobs, finials, hinges, handles and sculptural elements. Our conservator works on objects made from iron, tin, pewter, lead, copper alloys (copper, brass and bronze, silver and gold. Treatment of composite objects that include organic, plastic, ceramic and glass elements is also available. I also can be involved in the Antique Clock restoration service offered here at Hamphire Antique Restoration.

Our metalwork conservator and restorer has over 25 years experience in metalworking, having started out as a jeweller then retraining in Conservation of Metalwork. She has an MA in Conservation Studies from Sussex University as well as a PGDip in Conservation of Metalwork from West Dean College.

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